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We are so excited to be partnering with SunLife Wellness. We are providing these services in Foley AL, you can call Kay at 251-880-9367 to find out hours, prices, and times.

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Ear Seeds

It entails inserting very thin, sterile needs through the skin at strategic pressure points, which balance the flow of energy – known as qi or chi – through the pathways of the body. Inserting needles at specific points on the pathways rebalances the patient's energy flow. It heals chronic alliments and can be added to any service for $10 

AO Scan and Brain Tapping

AO Scan Technology by Solex is an elegant, yet simple-to-use frequency technology based on Tesla, Einstein, and other prominent scientists’ discoveries. It uses delicate bio-frequencies and electromagnetic signals to communicate with the body.

The AO Scan Technology contains a library of over 120,000 unique Blueprint Frequencies and created a hand-held technology that allows you to compare your personal frequencies to these Blueprints in order to help you achieve homeostasis, the body’s natural state of balance.

Brain tapping uses gentle light and sound therapy with specific frequencies and wavelengths with the goal of helping you achieve deep meditative states. Unlike meditation, brain tapping doesn’t require years of disciplined practice. The state of deep relaxation it provides can lead to mental clarity and positive behavioral changes. One of its most touted benefits is improving sleep quality. 

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