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Tigress Gym

Abi Shook is a dedicated fitness instructor encouraging physical and mental fitness to change your LIFE!

Fitness Class

Monday Wednesday Friday
 6 pm

Abi combines high intensity workouts with low reps to achieve your health goals. 

Fitness Ladies

Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced Levels Welcome!

Abi designs all her classes to fit everyone's fitness level, as you advance in your fitness goals, so does your self-confidence, drive, and desire to change your current health situation. 

Fitness Ladies
cold plunge.jpg

Ice Baths $20 a plunge

  1. 1. Increases Energy Levels

  2.  Triggers Hormesis and Improves Resilience

  3. Speeds Up Physical Recovery

  4. Improves your discipline

  5. Boost your mood

  6. Improves your stress levels

  7. Improves your stress

  8. Resets immune System

  9. Cellular Detox

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